Tuesday 17 May 2011

How it started

That there is our allotment plot, well that is how it looked when we took it over last June.  As you can see it is covered with grass, weeds, nettles, brambles and things I have never come across in this lifetime.

We got an allotment plot as a project to do together, we are a husband and wife team and we both enjoying gardening, but we live in a flat with no garden. So this is our work in progress.  

To get things started we bought some tools and began to manually clear the plot, starting at one end and working our way north towards the end.  Our plot measures at 10 poles, those of you with a plot will know what that means, it is around 250 square meters and our plot is fairly long and oblong shaped and it sits between 3 other plots.

And so we begin digging...

Started to look like an allotment plot 6 weeks into the digging and weeding process, by which time we had planted some potatoes.

More digging and raking continues and it looks like we are getting somewhere.
And we begin to look like an allotment plot as the crops go in...this picture was taken 4 weeks ago.

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