Saturday 4 June 2011


I love Pumpkins, my local pub was so impressed with some that we grew last year that the Landlord has asked that we grow some for him to carve and use this year.  So far this year we have got 16 growing, all at different stages of their growing lives and so far only three of them on the allotment, all of which are thriving:


This one was dying a few weeks a go, it had the attack of the slugs until I zapped them all and now it is thriving.

Biggest leaf below my hand so far...

And the smallest of the three but still doing really well.

Last years effort

For the first time last year, as soon as we got an allotment the first thing we did was to plant pumpkins in the space that we had cleared up.  Knowing that they would need a lot of room this is the end result of our biggest Pumpkin and the one we were most chuffed with:

 Standing next to our fork the giant pumpkin....


And moving it home ready to be carved up

And once carved it looked like this

My Husband spent about 4 hours cleaning out the innards and then seperating the seeds before finally creating this masterpiece.

My efforts can be seen below....

Does anyone else ever grow pumpkins and have any tips? As novices we simply let them grow of their own accord and we ended up with about 8 pumpkins from 6 plants.


  1. Impressive pumpkins (and gruesome carving!). I've only ever grown the small varieties so there's enough for a meal or two for us both.

  2. Your pumpkin leaves are way ahead of mine. Where abouts in the UK are you? It is always interesting to compare with other bloggers who live North and South of each other.

  3. Nice! Great carvings too. I love growing (and eating) pumpkins. Your plants are off to a good start this year. I'm late in getting them started but will (see prior years by clicking on the pumpkin link on my blog). Paula

  4. Lots of work on your allotment, a lovely big pumpkin and more on the way!

    Matron is a good follower to have, she's extremely knowledgeable!

  5. Wow, love those carvings! Never grown pumpkins for size/carving but squash in general are hungry beggers so my only tip is to plant them in a nice hole with some well rotted manure and keep them watered. :)